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Online dating has gone mainstream these day s. There are tens of thousand marriages that are occurring as a result of online dating. It is a competitive industry and in order to get good results one should increase his presence and follow some tips.

Safety tips

From the time you sign in for online dating service till you are successful finding a date it is very important to be safe. One should never give out too much of personal information to others on such sites. If you are going to meet your date always meet him/her in a public place. Never give your home phone number. Always ask for the recent photo of your date.

Make a catchy profile

Your profile is very important in online dating sites. Make sure it is a winning one. It should look lively, positive and full of fun. Avoid negativity as much as you can. Learn from profiles of others can find out what is more or less interested things in them. If your profile looks interesting then appeals someone then your chances are increased.

Upload recent photos

As one always focus on the profile picture while visiting someone s profile so it becomes necessary to upload a very attractive and recent photo of yours to your profile. While taking a photo for your profile always wear a nice outfit. The color of your outfit must suit you. Photo is a single reason that could make other people to have an interest in reading what you have written in the profile.

Effective communication to be learned

The first email you write to someone should be very impressive. While writing to someone who has an interest in, always write in a way that the person reading it gets forced to reply back to you. It is mandatory to introduce yourself while emailing to someone for the 1st time. Spend time asking questions rather than just talking about yourself. Giving a compliment would also be good.

Show respect

You can enhance your character by showing respect. One of the biggest complaints that have been reported is that people just run away while chatting and does not reply. Do not ever do this as it is a kind of insult of the other person. While going offline always tell the person you are chatting with about the same and in a proper manner.

Avoid white lies

White lies in online dating world could be taken in many forms like you are lying about your age, income or job or your photo is more than nine months old. As you are looking for a perfect soul mate avoid telling lies and built a trustful relationship.

Make your first day memorable

Just getting a date is not enough. One has to continue the relationship and turn it into successful marriage. Your first date is to be remembered for the whole lifetime and so it must leave a positive impression on the other person. As you may not get a second chance easily so try to try to utilize the one you got by confidence and make a good impression.

02 Dec 2012

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