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You have found each other through an online dating website. It took a while to find each other so you know how important it is to nurture the budding relationship to prevent it from going stale. But online dating can be more difficult than a regular, personal, first-hand dating experience. You have to deal with the distance, the time difference, the technological issues and a lot of other factors. How can you make it work, given these circumstances?

Just like any regular relationship, long distances, the physical kind, can put a strain on a relationship because there is no cuddling, there is no holding hands and there isn t any physical contact which can help build the relationship. Dealing with each other only from the Internet can sometimes be frustrating so all one can do is be patient. When you arrange for a schedule with which to log on and communicate via the Net, make all efforts to be there. If you re going to miss the schedule, inform your partner beforehand. The last thing anyone wants is to be waiting and waiting for someone that s not going to arrive.

Keep communication lines open. Yes, the Net seems to be the most ideal communication line between partners who live on opposite sides of the globe. But that shouldn t stop you from trying out other means of communication like the phones for calling and texting and sending cards or letters (the real ones that require you to visit the post office). Being able to talk to one another is important and it s a good thing that most couples have access to the Internet and a webcam. But it s the small things that can put a smile on your face especially if it comes as a surprise.

Cultural differences can sometimes cause misunderstanding between couples. Though it s possible that Asian women are alert and knowledgeable about Western culture, it can be puzzling for a Westerner to know about Asians in general, not if you ve been to Asia and have had time to immerse in its culture. Understanding is vital to both of you because you need to learn the nuances of both cultures if you want your relationship to survive. It may take some adjusting especially during the first months of your relationship but you will soon get the hang of it and learn to adapt to it.

In the end, you also need to learn the value of compromise. Keep an open mind about the relationship. Sometimes, you may have to sacrifice some sleep time in order to meet each other halfway for some chat time due to the time difference. You may also have to curb your natural impulse to be jealous especially when you have no proof. Jealousy is often a reason westerners give for the cause of their relationship not working out with Asian girls. A westerner will not find it acceptable if you check his phone or accuse them of something, if you do this the relationship will very quickly be finished.

What you need to understand that since you started on this road, it will be filled with a lot of obstacles especially in its starting stages. You will really need to rein in your temper and move past it if you think that the situation is becoming frustrating. You have to understand is that you re not the only one who s having a hard time. So is he. So the two of you together should be able to weather the storm and be happy after that.

23 Mar 2013

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