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One perk of Asian online dating is that you get to visit different countries in search of your perfect mate. One of the most common places to visit appears to be the Philippines because among the many dating websites, Filipino women outnumber a lot of other Asian females. So, if you are considering visiting your new found partner or friend, going to the Philippines can be just as fun especially if you have someone to share the experience with.

Depending on where you re getting in, either at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (the main airport in the center of the capital) or at the other regional international airports, you have a whole country to explore if you have the inclination to do so. Metro Manila is the urban sprawl that s comprised of around 16 cities that make up the political, educational, cultural, social and economic center of the country. Here you can engage in urban enjoyment like world-class shopping malls, movie theaters, bars and nightclubs, museums and cultural exhibits and dining pleasures from every corner of the world. There are also many spas and medical tourism destinations within the city so you can both relax and rebuild your health.

If you re visiting your friend outside of the city, there are plenty of tourist destinations that you can both visit. You can even start by touring the hometown of your potential partner so you can appreciate her roots and get to know her family. You can even time your visit when there s a festival so you can be right in the center of the festivities and even pop in and out of other people s houses and partake of their dishes and experience the full strength of Filipino hospitality.

The good thing about being in the Philippines is that it s relatively easy to travel from island to island because there s a whole network of transportation at your disposal. There are trains that run from Metro Manila to nearby provinces. There are ferries that ply the inter-island routes and can even ferry vehicles across on these trips. Buses are also available that travel from province to province. Air travel is also possible with domestic flights among major cities.

Traveling is easy within the Philippines. If you re in the capital, you can easily travel 2 hours by car to get to the beaches of Batangas and the cool climate of Tagaytay. If traveling by air is not a problem, then you can easily jump to the beaches of Boracay in Aklan, in El Nido, Palawan and even as far north as Camiguin. If history and cultural appreciation is what you re looking for, then you may appreciate visiting Vigan, Ilocos Norte which is a UNESCO World Heritage site for preserving and showcasing Spanish Colonial Architecture in the town. Visit Donsol, Sorsogon if you want to swim with the Butanding or the whale shark. Water Ski in Camarines Sur. Marvel at the Banaue Rice Terraces, another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

11 Dec 2012

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