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So, you ve created your profile with an Asian dating website and are anxiously anticipating a flow of messages from interested Asian women. The thing is, have you even considered what they re looking for instead of what you think you can give them? The reason why you haven t received any responses is that what you re willing to give and what they re expecting are two different things. To help you on your way, here are a few things that you should consider when you re interested in meeting Filipina women through online dating websites.

Cultural background

To start with, Filipino women are generally shy by nature. Yes, there may be liberated Filipino women in urban areas and those who are educated but most Filipinas are still reserved and conservative despite the changing times. For them to put up a profile exposing themselves on a dating website is already a big deal. The least you can do is respect their decision to come forward and grab the opportunity to find a man for themselves even if it s through an online dating website.

They will appreciate a man who has taken the time to get to know their language and their traditions and can easily navigate his way through Filipino culture. You don t have to go to the country to experience it. You can initially research your way through articles on the Net just to familiarize yourself with the country and it s people.

Financial security

If you ve read about the Philippines, you would have known that it s a Third World country so you can expect that apart from companionship, Filipino women are looking for financial security from their potential partner. They need someone to take them out of their poverty-stricken world and elevate them to a more comfortable lifestyle. Knowing this information beforehand allows you to keep an open mind about your potential partner because you can get that out of the way immediately, especially if you re willing and able to provide it for them. You can then concentrate on getting to know one another because the question about money and financial security has been taken care of.

Fun and Enjoyment

Filipino women also expect to get some fun out of getting to know you and if you can show them a good time even while online, because of your wit and your conversations, you can expect them to reciprocate when you two eventually meet. When you share common interests, even conversing about a book or a favorite place can provide hours of fun and enjoyment. It is a good way to get to know someone and to find out just how compatible you two are.

Physical appearance

Face it and to be honest about it, people always place value on someone s appearance, not just Filipino women. You as a searcher can also dismiss someone s profile because her profile and photo didn t appeal much to you. But, you ll be surprised how appearances can take a back seat when compared to compatibility and companionship.

11 Dec 2012

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